1. Fill out and submit the registration form.
  2. Within 1-2 days you will receive by e-mail the Cooperation Contract with annexes for assessment and approval by your legal office/department.
  3. Please let us know whether you may disagree with some of the conditions of cooperation, so that we can consider appropriate changes. Please inform us about your acceptance of the contract, even if there are no points of disagreement.
  4. After having obtained your confirmation, we will mail to you 3 signed paper copies of the contract for countersigning by your institution.
  5. If you wish that we apply on your behalf for the approval of your local ethics committee, please sign the attached authorization and send it to us, together with the contact address of your ethics committee in charge. We will prepare and submit all documents required to permit your participation. You will receive the formal approval of the ethics committee.
  6. After having accomplished the above formalities, you will obtain a personal user account and access to the registry data base and the subject-ID-generator. With this access you can start your data collection and obtain regular feedback and interim reports.
  7. Please note that the formal procedures of joining the registry may take a few weeks. Therefore, we strongly recommend joining the registry well ahead of having identified your first case of sepsis-associated Purpura fulminans.